ALL CONTENT will be available online following the event. You can access recordings on your own time until May 1st, 2022. 

  • SME Roundtable - Dynamic Entries

    Join subject matter experts from the tactical community as they openly discuss current tactical, operational, and legal issues surrounding dynamic entries in Canada. 


    Special Guest: Vince Paris - Crown Counsel for Organized Crime Enforcement (OCE)

  • Welcome to the 1st Annual CTOS

    Introduction to the OTAB board, an overview of the 2021 CTOS event, and a review of the event training objectives. 


    Speaker: Joe Shangi - President, OTAB

  • Tactical Debrief: High-Risk Warrant

    Debrief a high-risk warrant operation that took place on October 21st, 2020 in Toronto, ON. 

    Special Weapons Team 2 operators were engaged and fired on upon entry. 



    Sgt. Gerry Arulandanam

  • CQB Mindset: Dynamic vs Deliberate Movement

    Objectives include shaping the paradigm pertaining to speed, surprise, and controlled use of aggression, specifically for success in a CQC environment.



    Chris Mandigma

    Randy Turner

  • Maintaining Resilience: Current Issues in Policing

    Discuss insights into maintaining resilience with current issues in policing. You will be given perspectives on leadership and how to be a beacon of light for fellow operators.



    Lt. Col. (ret) Steve Nash

  • Tactical Debrief: Multijurisdictional Response

    Debrief a major critical incident that occurred on June 6th, 2020 in the area of Santa Cruz, CA. Dan was the Incident Commander for a multijurisdictional man hunt for a member of the Boogaloo Boys. The suspect was a trained military veteran who murdered a US Federal Agent and a county Sheriff's Deputy. 

    This is a heart wrenching debrief with many points to learn from. 



    Deputy Chief (ret) Dan Flippo

  • Closing Remarks

    Summarization of training and key objectives met during training and discussion involving the 2022 Canadian Tactical Conference taking place May 16-20, 2022.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q: Can I attend the summit in-person?

    A: Dependent on current Covid-19 restrictions, a limited number of classroom attendees will be permitted during the live event. For more information on available spots, please contact

  • Q: How can I attend the VirTra Simulator Training Day?

    A: Registered attendees within a reasonable travel distance are encouraged to sign-up for VirTra Simulator Training taking place between 0900hrs and 1600hrs EST on Wednesday, November 3rd at Toronto Metro ETF HQ.


    Trainers from VirTra and OTAB will be available throughout the day and multiple scenarios will be run. You may also attend to review the VirTra 300° Simulator and speak with sales personnel from VirTra.


    Please contact Eric Reimer (eric.reimer@torontopolice.on.cato inquire about simulator training spots.

  • Q: Who can attend?

    A: All tactical team members located within Canada are welcome to register for this event. Non-OTAB members may be required to submit credentials prior to registration. 


    We encourage tactical units to register their entire team to have open access to all training materials both during and after the summit. 

  • Q: I will be accessing the event remotely. How do I participate?

    A: Prior to the event, all registrants will be sent individual login information to a secure web-based platform on which the summit will be streamed live. 


    All attendees will have the opportunity to view the live sessions as well as engage the presenters with questions during their sessions. 

  • Q: What is OTAB?

    A: The Ontario Tactical Advisory Body is branch of the Association of the Ontario Chiefs of Police. We currently have 36 member Teams across the Province and are growing to include Units in Quebec Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The Member Teams range from 6 member Containment Teams to 90 member Hostage Rescue Teams, as well as Armed Tactical Security.  Our executive in comprised of 6 Volunteer members throughout the province.


    The Body was established from the recommendations made during a Coroners Inquest in 1987. The recommendations were that Tactical Units across the Province need to form an organized Body with the mandate to provide a voice and a venue for the Tactical Community in Ontario.


    This Body will facilitate Communication, and the Sharing, Learning the latest and best Tactical practices to all the member units. This done through facilitating and advertising cost effective training courses, tactical debriefs, lessons learned at major incidents, quarterly meeting, and our website.


    We are the voice of the Ontario Tactical Community in Ontario and feel that we have succeeded in doing so while growing our organization.

  • Q: Will I recieve a certificate with attendance?

    A: Yes. All summit attendees will receive a Certificate of Training from this event. 


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All materials presented are applicable to any Law Enforcement agency and tactical operations unit across Canada.